This is our 1988 Monte Carlo Stock Appearing Body. We make it with either steel panels, or aluminium panels. A complete body comes with the fiberglass hood and roof, plastic MD3 nose and tail, a set of skirts, trunk, a box of rivets. And your choice of aluminum or steel fenders doors and quarters.

Complete steel body - $1250

Complete aluminium body - $1450


We have three different styles of fiberglass hoods for the 88 Monte Carlo. 

Any Style Fiberglass Hood - $145

Fenders, doors, and quarters also available in aluminium or steel. And your choice of flat or swooping front fenders.

Aluminium panels - $600

Steel panels - $500  

Fiberglass Roofs come in either one piece for at shop pick up. Or a two piece that is able to be shipped. 

Fiberglass 88 Monte Roof - $480                         

This is one of our 1981 Camaro bodies. You have your choice of either steel panels or aluminium panels. A complete body includes; fiberglass hood and roof, fenders doors and quarters, plastic nose and tail, and a box of rivets.

Complete Steel Body - $1250

Complete Aluminium Body - $1450


Our fiberglass Camaro hoods and roofs are made with two layers of hand laid fiberglass. There are two different styles of hoods available.

Either Style Camaro Hood - $140

Fiberglass Camaro Roof - $180