Dur-A-Flex makes one piece Mini-Cup bodies.

Our most popular model is the Chevrolet shown, but we also make Ford and Dodge.

The complete body package comes with the fiberglass body, roof flap, trunk, hood, lexan windows, spoiler and hinge kit.

We make all our Mini-Cups in white gelcoat, but can do custom colors upon request for an additional charge.

The complete package runs at - $850

Just the fiberglass (body, roof, trunk, hood) - $600



Need to replace your other pieces but not your whole body? No Problem! 

This easy to ship bundle can be sent to anywhere in the US where you run your car!

Get your bundle of hood, roof, and trunk for - $165 + shipping!

You save $15 by buying this package!

Just need a single piece? That's fine too!

These can also easily be shipped to your location!

Roof Flap - $60 + shipping

Hood - $60 + shipping

Trunk - $60 + shipping