We make several different styles of fiberglass hoods for the dirt modifieds. If it is not shown on our website yet, give us a call for pricing and availability!


Duraflex makes fiberglass roofs that fill all chassis of dirt modifieds.

Roof - $145 (White)

Roof - $155 (Color)

Any questions? Give us a call!

401 -739 -0202

Troyer Fiberglass Small Block Hood - $155 (White) --- $165 (Color)

Troyer Fiberglass Big Block Hood - $155 (White) --- $165 (Color)

Troyer Fiberglass V-Dash - $68 (White) --- $73 (Color)

This is our new Bicknell style fiberglass hood with the big block mold fresh in production. 

The small block and big block run at the same price.

Either style - $155(White) --- $165(Color)

Bicknell cowl also available.

Cowl - $68 (White) --- $73 (Color)


We currently have the molds for the three wheel tubs shown above. Troyer, Bicknell and the Teo wheel tub are all the same price.

Any style wheel tub - $58 (White) --- $63 (Color)


Small block hand laid fiberglass Bicknell hood. Custom colors available. Call for pricing and availability.

Bicknell Hood in White - $190

Bicknell Hood in a Color - $200